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Secure Internet Email:
At IMG, we take our responsibility to protect our insureds' privacy seriously. If our business rules identify sensitive information in an outgoing message, you will receive a Secure Message Notification with a link to view your message. Recipients will be asked to use an existing or create a new Microsoft account to log in to view the encrypted email. Recipients can also opt for a one-time code to be sent to them, which they can then use to view the email.

This method is typically used by users that do not have other methods to transmit e-mails securely. This method uses a Web browser over an https (SSL) connection. This method is simple and effective for users with a low volume of e-mail communication with IMG.

Use anti-virus and anti-spyware and keep them updated regularly to minimize the chance of malicious software (malware) from infecting your computer and causing a security breach.

When installing a wireless network, be sure to change the defaults for the access point name, disable the broadcasting of the SSID so others cannot detect its presence, require an encryption key to gain access, and apply a password both to your configuration and to gain access.

Your computer settings can reduce the chances of someone hacking into your computer. This includes setting site timeouts, emptying your cache, safely accepting cookies via your browser settings, prompting before a script executes via your browser settings, and using pop-up blockers.

Stay current on the latest security threats via:

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