Affordable Care Act Resources

The Affordable Care Act Basics

  • Requires all people who can afford it to purchase health insurance or pay a fee;
  • Reduces the cost of monthly premiums for low-income individuals by offering premium tax credits
  • Caps out-of- pocket expenses for qualified healthcare costs up to the current marketplace individual maximum out-of-pocket amount;
  • Protects those with pre-existing conditions
  • Resulted in changes to state-based laws

Affordable Care Act Resources*

Official Health Insurance Marketplace Resources
Applications and Forms
Technical Assistance
Educational Resources


The Health Insurance Marketplace is a one-stop place to learn about qualifying coverage, find out if you qualify for tax credits or exemption, and even shop and apply for coverage. Click on the following link to visit “the marketplace”:

Find local in-person assistance


  • Navigators
  • Certified Application Counselors (CACs)
  • In-Person Assisters (IPAs)

You may also contact us for guidance on any doubts you have regarding your options and obligations under the Affordable Care Act.

*This list is not comprehensive and does not indicate an endorsement by AmeriCorps VISTA or the Corporation for National and Community Service.