AmeriCorps VISTA Healthcare Allowance

The AmeriCorps VISTA Healthcare Allowance is designed to reimburse you for the out of pocket expenses after payment by your healthcare policy for services associated with “Minimum Essential Coverage;” such expenses might include: your annual deductible, coinsurance, copayments and other charges for qualified medical expenses. This is an allowance to help you offset covered expenses up to the current marketplace individual maximum out-of-pocket amount associated with your primary coverage regardless of type. The maximum out-of-pocket amount may change annually. To find the maximum for a plan beginning in a year, you may find up-to-date information on by clicking here.

Please note that maximum allowance amount applies to your service term and does not reset on the calendar year.

This benefit will also reimburse you for out of pocket expense related to Routine Dental expenses such as cleanings, x-rays and fillings up to a maximum of $1,000.00 per service term year and Routine Vision expenses such as an eye exam and prescribed glasses or contacts up to a plan maximum of $200.00 per service term year.

The Healthcare Allowance cannot be applied to insurance premiums, costs for non-essential health benefits such cosmetic or elective services including but not limited to elective abortion services or any costs associated with abortion services, or costs associated with the care of your spouse and/or dependents.

"Minimum Essential Coverage" refers to any insurance that meets the Affordable Care Act requirement for having qualifying health coverage. For more information on plans that qualify, visit

Election into the AmeriCorps VISTA Healthcare Allowance plan must be completed within 60 days of your service start date. Failure to enroll during this time indicates your waiver of this benefit.


Administration of your Healthcare Allowance

This allowance is administered by International Medical Group (IMG). This is NOT an insurance policy or program.

International Medical Group (IMG) provides all General Administration and Oversight of your Enrollment, Customer Service, and Healthcare Allowance. As a member enrolled in the AmeriCorps VISTA Healthcare Allowance, you will receive information from IMG. Please open and review all information as it is important to your use of AmeriCorps VISTA Healthcare Allowance.