Find a Provider

The primary PPO network for the AmeriCorps Health Benefit is First Health Provider Network. The logo for the First Health Medical Network is on the front of your benefit card. You must present this card and any other benefit and insurance cards to your provider at the time of service. When contacting a provider in the First Health Network it is important to say: “My healthcare plan utilizes the First Health Network.”

Using a PPO provider saves you money because AmeriCorps will pay 100% of the covered charges (or up to the policy limit). In most states, payment will not be required at the time of services (except for the co-pay amount).

Failure to use an available PPO provider in a network area will result in your being responsible for charges over the usual and customary amount. This means you will be responsible for any costs not paid by the health care plan and providers may require payment at the time of service.

If you contact a network provider that denies participation in the First Health Network, please contact IMG immediately with the provider name, phone number and address. Please note that appointment availability is based on a physician’s schedule. If a provider is not accepting new patients, you will need to contact a different provider.